Rinnai V75EN Review – (Outdoor Low NOx / Natural Gas)


Overview Numerous transformations are being experienced in different industries. The water heaters’ industry has not been left behind as it has been able to receive high-level innovations that have in turn redefined user experiences. In this, manufacturers have been able to come up with tankless water heaters that have numerous advantages over the traditional types. … Read more

Noritz NRC661-DV-NG Review – (Indoor / Natural Gas)

Noritz NRC661-DV-NG

Overview Purchasing a water heater for a smaller home or apartment can sometimes be more difficult than if you are searching for a larger home’s water heater. When researching for a tankless water heater, so many options can come up within the search. The advantages of using tankless gas water heaters are definitely attention-grabbing. Continuous Flow of … Read more

Tankless Water Heater vs Tank – (Differences / Pros & Cons)

tankless water heater vs tank-

Homeowners have many decisions to make daily when maintaining their property. Whether a new home or time for a replacement, shopping for the right water heater is important. Supplying your home with adequate hot water requires an educated decision that needs to be carefully considered. After figuring out how frequently your home uses hot water … Read more

Rheem RTGH-95DVLN Review – (Indoor / Natural Gas)


Overview Our lives have been simplified by the numerous technological tools that apply at different stages. In this, manufacturers are engaging in top-level innovations with the aim of creating consumer satisfaction. In the water heating system sector, you are bound to need one at some point-whether you are planning to upgrade a current heater or … Read more

Marey ECO150 Review – (220V/240V Electric / Whole House)

Marey ECO 150

Overview The Marey ECO150 tankless electric water heater is a German designed heater used to provide endless hot water supply to the kitchen sinks and bathrooms. The action chlorine and calcium which are present in hard water causes corrosion on metals, but this stainless steel design helps reduce corrosion. A 5 to 85 water pressure can … Read more

Eccotemp i12-NG Review – (Indoor / Residential / Natural Gas)

Eccotemp i12 Natural Gas

Overview In the contemporariness of society today, technology advancement is highly acknowledged based on its ability to make life easier in all aspects. This is why you need to change your old, damaged water tank with a tank-less water heater. The availability of hot water for all your house needs such as showers, laundry, cleaning … Read more