Eccotemp ET-32 Review – (Residential / 32kW Electric)


When looking for a tankless water heater, it is ideal to check at factors such as the capacity, the warranty, efficiency factor, and even the dimension. This is because the current digital era is characterized by numerous devices from different manufacturers and if you are not keen enough, you might end up with a non-performing device.

While gas-powered devices are usually stereotyped with the best performance, manufacturers such as Eccotemp have been stepping up with regards to electric powered heaters. This has given rise to the Eccotemp ET-32 Residential -whole house tankless water heater. It is a powerful, high-end device that will ensure that all your hot water requirements are fulfilled. This article will dwell into the features, pros, and cons of this futuristic tool.

Features and Pros

  • Compact Size

    The ET-32 tankless water heater comes in a compact size that makes it quite simplistic. In this, the device weighs 23 pounds and measures 6.2 x 15.5 x 15.5 inches. This makes this device quite light and can be fit into offices, homes, salons or even convenience stores.

    Its unique size will help you save lots of space. You can comfortably mount the device on the wall for further convenience. The material that makes this device is also heavy duty. Due to this, the device is readily resistant to corrosion and rust. You are therefore guaranteed of many years of service once you get the Eccotemp ET-32.

  • Efficient Performance

    Eccotemp took their time to develop this product. It, therefore, stands on the higher side of the ET-14 and ET-22 models. The ET-32 is the most powerful, and you can comfortably use it for commercial purposes. The electric outlet required is 220v. To boost the performance, the manufacturer was keen to include a temperature controller.

    As such, it will operate at 55 degrees Fahreint temperature rise and at a rated GPM of 4.0. This is quite high and will ensure that you get adequate amounts of hot water maybe for your bathroom, for dishwashing, and for your laundry.

    The advanced temperature controls present in this device also ensure that there are no unusual fluctuations in the set temperature. The device also activates only on demand which is convenient for you. You will therefore not wait for hours to get your hot water. The maximum amperage draw has been rated to be 134 amps.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Electric tankless water heaters only run when in use. Due to this fact, most end up saving lots of energy which on the other hand increases their efficiencies. The ET-32 has a thermal efficiency of 96%. This is quite high and goes a long way to show that this product will perform optimally. Besides, this product is UL 499 listed which means that it meets the global standards for water heating applications.

  • Durability and Safety

    Most tankless water heaters such as the ET-32 will make use of copper heat exchangers. These have the ability to be rust and corrosion resistant. Besides, the use of copper ensures that heat conductivity is boosted. The presence of the advanced temperature controls also ensures that there are no unusual fluctuations that may end up breaking down the heater. For this purpose, still, Eccotemp was quick to add a self-diagnostic system which includes a unique leak detection shutdown. This beats the competition and will ensure the maximum safety of both the device and the user.

  • Flexibility

    This electric water heater is flexible in the sense that it serves as a perfect replacement for the conventional tank heaters. It can also be used to boost the traditional tank heaters as well as the renewable energy systems such as geothermal systems.

It is therefore clear that this device will serve you efficiently. Also, its fitted with numerous unique features that contribute to its superiority. Eccotemp ensured that it is easy to install and set up this device with the availability of a detailed manual. However, they recommend that you hire a professional in case you are not familiar with water heaters. They also included a 5-year limited warranty which is commendable. The fact that it is an electric tankless water heater also ensures that there is no venting which makes the device highly portable.

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  • Expensive

    Most consumers have stated that the price of this device is too high. However, it is ideal to point out that this device’s performance has no rival. The manufacturer was also keen and innovative in the design and features. You should, therefore, consider getting this product as a one-time investment.

    After all, you are sure to get your investment back within the first few months of use. Others have cited high electricity bills. To curb this, ensure that you use the recommended temperature setting on the device.

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The Eccotemp ET-32 is a sturdy device that is packed with all the essential features of an electric tankless water heater. Being a respectable brand, they guarantee you quality performance at all times. Get it in your next purchase.

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