Eccotemp i12-LP Review – (Indoor / Liquid Propane)


Eccotemp-i12-LP-Liquid-Propane-Indoor-Tankless-Water-HeaterWhen you are looking for a propane gas water heater for your home, you want one that will work for the entire home. The Eccotemp i12-LP Water Heater is tankless, as well as powered by gas, so it reduces the consumption of energy. This is great for energy efficiency.

While the Eccotemp is gas powered, it requires no pilot light to worry about. Also, it is only activated as needed while being rated at producing three gallons per minute. This is large enough for apartments and small homes.
The Eccotemp i12-LP is made of black tempered glass on its front panel. It has a display control panel that is LED and super easy to control. This water heater is so modern looking that it fits in esthetically when not concealed. The temperature controls are automatic and feature an energy saving mode to save you money.

This system is easy to install as it only requires a standard 110v outlet with the enclosed UL-listed power cord. All of the necessary water fittings are included with this model. The hardware and an instruction manual are included with this water heater.

Since the Eccotemp does not have a pilot light, it has an electronic ignition system to safely power your tankless gas water heater. There is even technology that keeps small ones safe with the child lock.

The range in temperature ability depends on the flow rate. When operating at three gallons per minute, the temperature rise is between thirty-five and forty degrees Fahrenheit. When you operate the water heater at one and a half gallons per minute, there is a temperature rise of seventy-seven degrees Fahrenheit. This water heater has a maximum of 4.8 gallons per minute and up to 80,000 BTUs.


The Eccotemp i12-LP Tankless Water Heater has many features that make it a top choice. Especially for homes, condos, townhouses, and apartments.

  • Easy Installation

    With horizontal venting and all the water fittings included, this water heater is easy to install. It plugs into a standard 110v electrical outlet so no special wiring is necessary. The enclosed electrical cord is UL-listed for safety.

  • Compact Size

    The Eccotemp i12-LP is made especially for small to medium size homes and does not require a lot of space. This system is ideal when you do not have a large space for a water heater. The compact size also makes it easier to install and find a place in your home to install the water heater.

  • Energy Efficient

    This tankless water heater only uses around two watts of electricity when it is not in use and just over one Amp of electricity when it is in use. That makes this unit very energy efficient and less expensive to run compared to other similar models of standard water heaters.

  • Modern Looking

    The Eccotemp has a black tempered glass appearance making it aesthetically pleasing. The control panel is LED and has advanced features. These features make the water heater pleasing to look at if it is not in a place that is concealed from the open.

  • Advanced Features

    Some of the best parts of this water heater are the advanced features. One of the advanced features is that while the water heater runs on propane gas. It requires no pilot light and has an electric ignition system. To protect children and unauthorized users, there is a child lock system for protection to prevent the controls from being disturbed. Best of all, this tankless water heater from Eccotemp has an energy saver mode to help save on the electric bill.

  • Warranty

    You do not have to worry about this system as it comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. This will give you peace of mind that if anything happens to your water heater in the first two years, the manufacturer is there to help with a warranty that protects your investment.

  • Affordable

    When you compare the cost of an Eccotemp i12-LP Tankless Water Heater to standard water heaters, the cost is comparable. However, when you take into account that it uses less electricity when idle and runs on demand only, you will be saving money over time. While a water heater is an investment that lasts for years, saving on the running of the water heater is how the cost savings comes into effect.

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  • Low Output

    The Eccotemp i12-LP heats up to three gallons of water per minute. While this may not be large enough for a large home where water is being used in multiple places at one time, it is plenty large enough for small to medium-sized homes. The water heater is also sufficient in heating enough water for multiple water uses at any one time.

  • Installation

    It is required to put some water fittings together as well as install the plug and vent kit. That being said, the homeowner can do this themselves without the cost of outside contractors. An instruction manual for installation as well as usage is included with this water heater.

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The Eccotemp i12-LP has a lot of benefits that a standard hot water heater does not. If you are looking for an energy saving water heater that has advanced features, a sleek appearance, and comes with a warranty, then the Eccotemp is what you are looking for. The Eccotemp has an LED control panel that features an energy saving mode and has a child lock for safety. As it has an electronic ignitor, you do not have to worry about pilot lights.

And while installation is required, it is easy to install and all of the water fittings, vent system, and cord. This tankless water heater is perfect for anyone in a small to medium home who wants an energy efficient system that will not take up much space. As this water heater is on demand, you do not have a high energy bill for a water heater that is not in use. If this sounds like something that would benefit you and your family, then the Eccotemp i12-LP Water Heater is perfect for your needs.

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