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Eccotemp i12-NG Review – (Indoor / Residential / Natural Gas)


Eccotemp i12 NG Indoor whole home tankless natural gasIn the contemporariness of society today, technology advancement is highly acknowledged based on its ability to make life easier in all aspects. This is why you need to change your old, damaged water tank with a tank-less water heater.

The availability of hot water for all your house needs such as showers, laundry, cleaning as well as cooking takes away a huge burden from your monthly bill. Predictions demonstrate that most households today lose to 30 percent of their budget every month. Especially on taking care of the energy needed for heating water since it is the most used resource.

Standardized and conventional tanks and water heaters tend to be huge and bulky. They work by way of storage and heating of water until you need it. Pointless to highlight that maintaining larger hot water tanks each day is a huge waste of money and resources. Eccotemp i12-NG Water Heater is a seamless indoor water heater. Eccotemp states that their device is energy efficient. It will operate at 0.6 – 4.8 GPM with the gas requirements being 25,000 – 80,000 BTUs. This article, therefore, offers a detailed description of the product in addition to its pros and cons.

Features and Pros

Eccotemp i12 NG pros consEccotemp i12-NG Water Heater is associated with several essential features that result in an advantageous product that focuses specifically on consumer’s needs. The company states that this is a unique product that offers superiority, convenience, security to all family members, affordability, and friendliness as the main values. Thus the pros incorporate;

  • Flexible and portable

    As indicated before the tanks dimensions are 16 by 16 by 11 inches. Its small size and shape make it easy place anywhere. It is also user-friendly when it comes to installation and systems settings. Also, this implies that the water heater is suitable for both indoor and outdoor operations. Family camps can be fascinating and tiring at the same time in the stance that one is unable to access hot water for use conveniently. As such, Eccotemp state that this device will save space of up to 12.5 cubic inches.

  • Durability

    The utilization of stainless steel as the main material guarantees maximum durability. Stainless steel within the horizontal level standardizes the great ground that offers durability. It also encourages its use for the long term. Also, it intensely creates a positive indication to think as well as express innovation in a smart manner by guaranteeing quality performance. Thus, the application of stainless steel is essential as it ensures continuous production and maximum performance.

  • Automatic temperature control

    To save energy and ensure top performance, the Eccotemp il2 requires a minimum of 120 volts. Unlike the traditional water heater tanks that mainly function by storing and keeping heated water to be used when need, Eccotemp i12 supports the innovative water heating on rational needs. In that energy is not wasted in any cases since water is heated based on the user’s needs since the process is highly automated.

    In addition to the fully automated controls that facilitate precision, there is also an LED touch screen display that indicates the GPM flow as well as the output temperature. At a flow of 3GPM, this product will give a temperature rise of approximated 38 degrees Fahrenheit. At 1.5 GPM, a rise of 77 degrees Fahrenheit will be experienced.

  • Ease of installation and Efficiency

    The use of innovative technology has, in turn, heightened easiness when it comes to installation. In that, the company offers a friendly manual to offer guidance to users to ensure that the setup is perfect and supports quality performance. With a steel vent kit and a 120 Volt UL power cord, it becomes easy to get the product together. The cord has a functionality of propelling the internal fan as well as the digital display. Another unique feature is that with this device, both the basin and shower will be simultaneously supported. For instance, 2.5 GPM ensures that this device is able to run 3 faucets.

It is evident that this product has numerous pros. Top ones it being energy efficient, durable, easy to operate, and space saving. Furthermore, it has a child lock protection feature.

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Even though the Eccotemp i12-NG Water Heater has some benefits, it is worth noting that it with the technology involved it will not come without some minor challenges. Fortunately, mitigating the issues is easy thus making the product efficient. The cons include;

  • Small size

    In most cases, the tank-less water heater is presumed to be targeting small sized families thus questions arises about its performance capacity. However, even with the size, the company has asserted that for large families, they should seek to use maximum water flow and acquire hot water based on their needs. In that, the product is not limited to production which makes it suitable for large families as well.

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Thus, based on the analysis above Eccotempi12-NG Water Heater is an ideally perfect product for indoor use. With its exceptional features, it is a unique product when compared to other popular tankless gas water heaters in the market. Its cons can easily be mitigated to ensure effectiveness.

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