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Eccotemp L10 Review – (Portable Outdoor / Propane)

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Eccotemp-L10-ReviewLife is bound to take you to numerous places. At one point, you will be camping in this unique outdoor location with your family, take a walk at your expansive countryside while at other times you will tend to lounge around a pool. In this, the need for hot water may arise and since it is not indoors, it might prove to be a huge challenge.

However, with a few tools in combination with the Eccotemp L10 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater, you are sure to enjoy the relaxation and comfort that comes with hot water. This product from Eccotemp is one of the top rated tankless water heaters for outdoor use.

This article will enlighten more on this product alongside the pros and the cons associated.


The Eccotemp L10 possesses numerous features that in turn lead to the advantages and consequently consumer satisfaction. The company states that this model is one of a kind and it brings sophistication and simplicity at the same time.Eccotemp-L10-Portable-Outdoor-Propane-Tankless
The pros include;

  • Portable and Flexible:

    This product is highly compact and easy to carry around. It makes it the ideal choice for outdoor showers or for off-grid use. The delivery is 2.65 Gallons Per Minute of hot water which range from 80-165 degrees F. This is quite high and ideal for 1-2 hot water applications which may be running simultaneously.
    Besides, the manufacturer states that this product is able to reach temperatures of between 50 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This largely depends on the temperature of the incoming water. Whatever the case, you can be certain that your water will heat in the shortest time possible for your convenience.
    In addition, Eccotemp makes this product adaptable to outdoor settings through a modern innovative electric ignition. It gathers its energy by ‘D’ batteries (two). This alone enhances its portability and flexibility as you can carry it in places where there is no supply of electricity. This product will also be compatible with the wide range of volt pumps available in the market.

  • Easy Installation:

    The process of installing this product is relatively simple as compared to other products in its price range.
    In this, you only need to mount the bracket at the back of the product and connect the cylinder with a gas hose and regulator. The water hose is then connected to the outlet and then later to the inlet. The batteries are to be inserted next and the device is ready for use.

  • Totally Safe:

    This device utilizes a 20-minute automatic timer. It is bound to facilitate the shutting off of this product in case of a potential override in the system or a potential accident occurring. The temperature controls are also manual. It enables you to switch the L10 in case of a fault. Still, on safety, Eccotemp states that this device should never be permanently installed. This is particularly when it’s not in use.
    As such, it is advisable that when not in use, water should be drained and the device stored well. Failure to do according to these directives will lead to the accumulation of sediments. Although this might seem normal, it may end up spoiling the warranty of the device. You should hence try as much as possible to keep this device neat, clean and well stored.

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The Eccotemp L10 Portable Tankless Water Heater has numerous benefits. However, it is ideal to note that it will not lack a few challenges. The good thing is that these are easy to bypass, making the product ideally efficient. The challenges include:

  • Limited Warranty Period

    Eccotemp provides a warranty of only one year after the purchase of the product. As compared to other products in this line, this is quite low. For instance, other outdoor heater suppliers offer up to 15 years.
    However, you can deal with this issue through the proper installation and maintenance of the product. The manufacturer has attached a detailed manual that states all the requirements. As such, following these to the latter will only make the product last longer and consequently serving you for long.
    Additionally, the manufacturer states that the warranty may end up being void especially in cases where the consumer was negligent. It means that if the product is spoilt through the accumulation of limescale or calcium, it will not be replaced if a specific period has already elapsed. To curb this, taking good care of the product will ensure that you stay on the safer side always.

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Hence, it is clear that the Eccotemp L10 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater is an efficient tool that is a perfect accompaniment for any outdoor setting. With its numerous unique feature, it stands out among similar products in the industry. It has a few cons, however, which can be managed effectively.

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