Ecosmart ECO 36 Review – (Whole House / Electric)


Ecosmart-ECO-36-36kw-240V-Electric-Tankless-Water-HeaterAt times, the demand for hot water is largely determined by the ecological conditions in our geographical areas. As such, some paces will experience cold seasons almost throughout the year while others will fluctuate. Requirements of hot water could come with additional costs that are associated with the installation, operational or even maintenance costs.

However, that should not be a worry anymore as you can simply get this electric tankless water heater from Ecosmart. This is a device that this company has spent its time in making. It is a new model that has the combined functionality of almost all the previous on-demand hot water heaters.

Below is a discussion of the cons and pros of this device.


  • Modern and Portable:

    The manufacturer of the product took their time and hence came up with a neat yet rigid device. In this, the selling point is that its cover is easily removable, facilitating cleaning as well as efficient checkups. There is also the availability of numerous spaces in the product. This ensures that the panel does not overheat at any particular time. Still, on the design, this product has its wiring on only 3 parts. This makes the product clean and one that you can handle easily.

  • Great Dimensions:

    The size of this device is 17 x 19 x 3.8 inches. This is the size of a relatively larger laptop which is quite small as compared to other products in this sector. The device also weighs 17.4 pounds. This makes it ideal to install in stealth mode for those that may not want it visible.

  • Endless Supply of Hot Water:

    The ECO 36 from Ecosmart is a powerful device in the sense that it is able to handle an approximated 6 gallons of water per minute. Breaking this down further, it simply means that the device is able to support 4 showers and a sink at the same time at 37°F.
    In this, homes or individuals that have high water requirements will find this device perfect. This is because the can go about their activities without worrying about the availability of hot water at any particular place at a time. To add icing on the cake, this device is also able to warm water in a Jacuzzi, making it ideal for the extremely cold places.

  • Cost Efficient:

    Ecosmart ECO 36 has invested in modern technology when making this product so as to facilitate cost savings. As such, there is the inclusion of a self-regulating technology that allows for the digital control of the temperature.
    Additionally, this technology allows the device to adjust itself in line with the incoming water temperature (80°F – 140°F). This indicates that it is flexible and will end up meeting all your hot water requirements.

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  • Installation Costs:

    EcoSmart-ECO-36-installation-diagramThe Ecosmart Eco 36 comes with both a descriptive manual and videos to facilitate the installation process.
    But still, numerous consumers indicate that it is expensive as they had to use professional help. It is mainly due to the fact that this company has always maintained that the product should be installed by a licensed professional so as to have a valid warranty.
    In addition, there are additional costs that are associated with double-pole (240V) 40A circuit breakers and copper wiring which are required in the installation process.
    In order to address this specific challenge, you should look out for a licensed technician who charges fairly. The secret in this is to have a variety and then settling for the cheap yet experienced one. For the copper wiring, there are numerous substitutes that work just fine.

  • Repairing Cost:

    During the purchase, a point worth noting would be that the maintenance costs and the warranty are not covered in the price. However, this should not be a big issue as this device is tidy in its assembly.
    As a result, if a specific area is faulty, it becomes appropriate to only address it without interfering with other parts of the product.
    Besides, if you have some skills in plumbing, you will not be incurring the repair costs as you can simply do it. Check out DIY Hot Water Heater Repair

  • Central Location:

    Another challenge of the Ecosmart Eco 56 is that the manufacturer recommends placing the unit in a central location in your premises. The idea behind this is that it will tend to facilitate the flow of water to all the required areas efficiently (on demand).
    To address this, it would be ideal to stick with the recommendation of the manufacturer as they are better in this specific device. In addition, placing it at an alternative location would lead to inconveniences to the concerned party.

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Looking at the Ecosmart Eco36, it is clear that the device is versatile, efficient and at the same time cost-effective. It is the perfect tool for those that have huge water requirements.

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