Marey ECO150 Review – (220V/240V Electric / Whole House)

Marey ECO 150

Overview The Marey ECO150 tankless electric water heater is a German designed heater used to provide endless hot water supply to the kitchen sinks and bathrooms. The action chlorine and calcium which are present in hard water causes corrosion on metals, but this stainless steel design helps reduce corrosion. A 5 to 85 water pressure can … Read more

Sio Green IR30 POU Review – (POU / Cost-Effective)

Intro The need for smaller water heaters is being met more easily by several brands and is made easily accessible. Tankless water heaters are great options for energy saving and for quicker access to hot water. Going tankless with your water heater means that you will receive hot water quickly every time. Tankless water heaters … Read more

Rheem Rtex-24 Review – (Electric / Digital / Residential)

Rheem Rtex-24

Overview Rheem Rtex-24 has everything you need when it comes to electric water heaters. It comes with outstanding hot water services and like many other modern electric water heaters, it comes with cost-saving technology. The tankless water heater offers continuous hot water on demand for a single point of use like showers sinks or even … Read more