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Marey ECO150 Review – (220V/240V Electric / Whole House)

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Marey-ECO150-Electric-Tankless-Water-HeaterThe Marey ECO150 tankless electric water heater is a German designed heater used to provide endless hot water supply to the kitchen sinks and bathrooms. The action chlorine and calcium which are present in hard water causes corrosion on metals, but this stainless steel design helps reduce corrosion. A 5 to 85 water pressure can activate it as soon as you open the faucet. This process brings about very fast water supply, and it does not keep you waiting. The Marey ECO150 tankless electric water heater unit is excellent for up to two simultaneous points of use. It can supply hot water to two different locations at the same time. This water heater can heat water up to 41 degrees Fahrenheit at a 2.5GPM water flow rate.

The easy adjustment and management make it possible for you to set the LCD panel to your preferred temperature. This ensures that energy consumption is optimized. The Marey water heater requires a 70 Amp Double Pole breaker to run. When installing this water heater, you must let a professional electrician handle the installation. Better still, you can pay for the services of a plumber who knows how to set it up without a problem. You shouldn’t attempt to set it up by yourself as this may cause you to make terrible mistakes.


It is excellent for two 2.0 GPM simultaneous showers which are suitable for hot and cold regions. You can refer to the temperature map to get more information. Marey’s ECO line is 98% efficient, and it can run on this efficiency throughout its lifetime. The durability is superb; you don’t even have to worry about maintenance because this heater comes with a five-year warranty. There’s no need for pre-heating, you can get instant hot water on demand. It doesn’t require the use of a storage tank, it heats water directly through the heater. Most times, you would want to have a hot shower or make use of hot water for other purposes but you are too tired to go through the stress of boiling it. Tankless water heaters come in handy at this particular time. They are literally lifesavers.

The ECO150 unit requires 220V~240V and one 70 Amp Double Pole breaker to work correctly. With all these perks and features, it is entirely small and very lightweight. Its dimension is 8.7 x 3.5 x 14.2 inches, and it weighs 10.1 lb. It can fit into a small space perfectly without hindering its performance.

The design is also one thing to look out for when buying a tankless electric water heater, Marey ECO150 is made of stainless which blend very well with your kitchen interior decor. However, the German design makes it easy for it to fit almost all colors. Some water heaters will require you to adjust some of the kitchen’s furniture to accommodate them. The Marey ECO150 won’t cost you the stress of lifting and adjusting things in your kitchen, this is possible because the size is small. It is also very light in weight. It weighs 10.1 lb.

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  • Doesn’t require much space

    This electric tankless water heater saves a lot of space in your house. It doesn’t take much space like other water heaters on the market. It has a dimension of 8.7 x 3.5 x 14.2 inches. As a result, it can fit perfectly in all settings, either in the bathroom, kitchen or commercial buildings.

  • Continuous hot water

    The Marey ECO150 water heater ensures that you have a constant supply of hot water at the slightest opportunity. You can get hot water continuously and directly from a point-of-use heater which doesn’t require a storage tank.

  • Customer service

    You can contact the manufacturer’s customer service and support team if you have any question. The team will make sure your enquires are answered immediately. Sometimes, you might want to solve some technical issues for you. You might even want to get to know your water heater very well. The support team is available for you to direct your worries.

  • ETL approved

    The Marey ECO150 tankless electric water heater is ETL approved. This is to certify that the product is of good quality and can be trusted to deliver exceptional results.

  • Stainless design

    It comes in stainless steel design, and this prevents it from corrosion which resulted from the action of chlorine and calcium. The stainless steel design reduces maintenance cost which is on the high side these days. You just have to focus on getting your hot water, and the stainless steel protects your water heater for you.



  • Unstable price

    The price of Marey ECO150 water heater usually fluctuate. You have to do your assignment on the price or maybe check notable online stores to see the present price range.

  • Require professional installation

    Installing the Murey ECO150 tankless electric water heater is not a do-it-yourself process. You shouldn’t try to set the heater up by yourself. It is recommended that you seek professional services so that you can well be assured that it is safe for your use. Experts can charge a lot of money for installation. However, you can get some local services that won’t cost you a fortune.


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The Marey ECO150 electric tankless water heater is your best if you are looking for a small, durable and efficient product. It can maintain the efficiency of 98% for many years without reducing. It requires a two 50 Amp breakers to run. The water heater is made of sturdy stainless steel which prevents corrosion caused by calcium and chlorine which are present in the water. One of its perks is that it is ETL approved. It is relatively small and can fit into small places. You can set the temperature to your desired degree, and it has the capability to supply hot water to two faucets simultaneously. Above all, it has a five-year warranty.

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