Noritz NR662-OD-NG Review – (Outdoor / Natural Gas)


Noritz NR662-OD-NG Outdoor Tankless Water HeaterA natural gas-powered tankless water heater can still be environmentally friendly and Noritz water heaters are proving to be just that. A company that was the first to bring tankless water heaters to the market, they have found ways to create water heaters of various sizes that can serve several needs. Depending on your existing line and pipe connections can help determine if a Noritz gas-powered water heater will work for your home or commercial property. While going tankless is always a good step towards a better carbon footprint, knowing what you will need in the installation can change your mind if you are not properly prepared or well-informed.

The Noritz NR662-OD-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater is a 36 lb., outdoor only unit that has a water flow of 6.5 gallons per minute. This flow-through rate means that you will receive hot water in mere seconds. For a tank water heater, there is a delay when getting your hot water. For small homes, a water heater this size would work perfectly when placed for one or two particular rooms. Due to the compact size of this tankless water heater, purchasing this Nortitz alone to support a large family would not be ideal. This particular model, the NR662-0D-NG, will do as many other tankless water heaters by providing an endless hot water supply.


  • Endless Hot Water

    If comparing a tank water heater to a tankless water heater, the tank water heater cannot supply an endless flow of hot water. If debating against a tank water heater, the tank holds the water and keeps it heated at the set temperature. Once this water is depleted, there is a lag time to refill so you may experience a break in hot water while the tank refills. With the tankless Nortitz NR662-OC-NG water heater, the water is heated as soon as in use. With a computerized internal heating system, it will communicate the set temperature to the burners. Once this occurs, the water is then circulated around a heat exchanger until the water is heated to the set temperature. There is no wasted energy on holding water until use since the tankless water heater is only heating water when you need it.

  • Well-Designed

    For a smaller unit like this Noritz NR662-OD-NG, this water heater works best when its focused on one to two separate sinks or bathrooms. Only being able to be placed outdoors, the Noritz NR662-OD-NG has a durable polyester coated steel casing. “Built to be outside” means that it will affect the overall performance of the tankless water heater. If in colder climates, it won’t be able to supply as much hot water simultaneously as if it was operating in warmer climates. To consistently be able to supply flash heat water on demand means that there must be an advanced system in place. The Noritz is an Energy Star certified model with a flow rate between 0.5 and 6.6 gallons per minute. In addition to the Energy certification, it is also ANSI and CSA-certified with gas consumption running between 15,000 and 140,000 BTU.

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  • Higher Installation Cost

    Water heaters are typically not a cheap installment and can be costly to replace. Your water heater tank has a life span of usually 10 to 15 years. With the tankless option, you can get up to 20 years or more, depending on your brand. With the extended use of time, it seems obvious to go with a tankless water heater, but sometimes it is not that simple. Installing a water heater tank can cost much less than if you decide to go with the tankless water heaters. To add to the cost, a natural gas, tankless water heater requires specific lines and connections. If your home is missing the appropriate connections, then you have to pay more to install the correct wires and pipes.

  • Outdoor Only Unit

    One of the best selling points for tankless water heaters means that you can place them in virtually any space. The Noritz NR662-OD-NG is an outdoor only unit. Your limitation to where this water heater may be placed can cause for some hesitation. With so many brands to choose from, an outdoor unit may bring some limitations. But this Noritz model is still a powerful water heater. With its energy savings and low NOx design, it will still operate well to supply a consistent flow of hot water.

Here’s what to look for if you want to replace your water heater with an energy saver tankless water heater!

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Wrap Up

The Noritz NR662-OD-NG Tankless Water Heater is an outdoor unit with heat settings between 100 and 150 Fahrenheit. This high-powered water heater has a thermal efficiency of 84% and an energy factor of 0.81. This 36 lb. tankless water heater works off natural gas and does reduce carbon emissions. The low NOx design with steel casing and built-in display window. There are more than just design factors that go into consideration before purchasing a tankless water heater. Deciding between a tank water heater and a tankless has several benefits and downfalls.

There is the option to go with a tank water heater that more than likely has a simpler installation. While this is true for most tank water heaters, the longevity of the tank water heater is nearly half as long as the tankless water heater. Going with a tankless water heater means the installation may cost more upfront compared to the tank water heater. After the installation, the tankless water heater normally lasts upwards 20 years.

It is a perfect unit since tankless water heaters provide endless hot water. The advanced heating system takes the water once you turn it on and circulates it to the desired temperature. The unit also comes with a remote control to easily select our desired temperature. In addition, this natural gas-powered tankless water heater has a durable design to withstand the outdoors. The outdoor unit is susceptible to weather. If it is warmer climates you may be able to run two bathrooms simultaneously. If you live in colder climates, then from this unit you will be able to run one and a half bathrooms simultaneously.

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