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Noritz NRC661-DV-NG Review – (Indoor / Natural Gas)


Noritz-NRC661-DV-NG-ReviewPurchasing a water heater for a smaller home or apartment can sometimes be more difficult than if you are searching for a larger home’s water heater. When researching for a tankless water heater, so many options can come up within the search. The advantages of using tankless gas water heaters are definitely attention-grabbing.

  • Continuous Flow of Hot Water
  • Energy Saving
  • Space Saving

To be able to experience a continuous flow of hot water while running several appliances simultaneously is one of the biggest positive points to owning a tankless water heater. Another big benefit would be the energy savings for your home. The reduced amount of energy used is due to not having to constantly heat water, even when not in use.

Choosing The Right One

There are different types of ways your tankless water heater can continue to produce hot water. You could go with an electrical option or with the natural gas option. In particular, the Noritz NRC661 tankless water heater operates off of natural gas. The condensing unit has an efficiency rating of 0.9%, which is due to using natural gas and leaving a very light environmental footprint. The Noritz brand started with tankless water heaters years ago and have easily become one of the more trusted brands for tankless water heaters. This compactly designed water heater can be placed in several locations, making for easy, non-invasive addition to your home.

The small, compact designed Noritz NRC661 has a high flow rate of 6.6 gallons per minute. You can run multiple showers plus appliances simultaneously. It is surprising that a unit this size is extremely durable as well as requires little maintenance over the years. If there is a need to replace any pieces, there is a 12-year warranty on replacing the heat exchanger and a 5-year warranty on any defective parts. It is best to check with the manufacturer directly for details.


Noritz-NRC661-DV-NG-Condensing-Indoor-Natural-Gas-Tankless-Water-HeaterThe Noritz NRC661 Natural Gas Tankless Hot Water Heater is an indoor condensing model that boasts an endless flow of hot water. This Energy Star certified heater operates off natural gas only. This highly efficient, condensing heater releases no hot exhaust which means that it doesn’t require stainless steel, which can be an expensive add-on. The cool exhaust provides a low venting cost to you all while enjoying the continuous hot water. The savings alone on your energy bill may be enough reason to purchase the Noritz NRC661 over a tank water heater. When installed properly, you will see ultimate savings on your energy bill, possibly saving up to 60% on your typical energy bill.

Easy Installation

Leaving a smaller environmental footprint is definitely a bonus in using the Noritz NRC661. This unit is also surprisingly simple to install. If you have experience and research all that is needed to properly install, you should be able to assemble this tankless water heater. Since this 38 pound Noritz NRC-661 is ideal for smaller homes with up to 2 baths in southern climates and 1.5 baths in northern climates, the size of the equipment makes the installation a little easier for the novice and professional alike. Noritz does offer technical specifications and customer service support that is easily available to you.

There are a few perks to the Noritz NRC661 to make this compact unit even better. In addition to the digitally regulated output for temperatures, you can add a separate remote. It allows for a change in the temperature without having to adjust a dip switch in the main unit. While this is an extra expense, in the long run, to be able to better control the exact temperature can only enhance your hot water experience.

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Noritz-NRC661-DV-NG-Pros-ConsThere are some downsides to the Noritz NRC661, but not necessarily just exclusive to this brand. When switching from a tank to a tankless water heater, there are normally many upsides to the change. From reduced energy bills to limitless hot water, the upside to a tankless water heater seems to outweigh the negative. With that being stated, there is one thing that can occur in any tankless water heater including the Noritz NRC661. Known as the cold water sandwich, this occurs when water comes from the faucet warm, then instantly switches to cold water before going to hot. There are ways you can remedy this problem however this does not occur in every tankless water heater.

Like the non-condensing tankless water heaters, the Noritz NRC661 is a condensing tankless water heater that does require special pipes. The difference between the types of pipes is definitely in pricing. Non-condensing requires the stainless steel system. Condensing tankless water heater can operate perfectly with Schedule 40 PVC pipes and fitting. One thing to note is that a tankless water heater is not ideal for copper pipes. The materials in older, copper pipes can absorb the heat. This may cause a breach in hot water running through your faucet. There are ways to still use the copper pipes, however, it is suggested to go with PVC pipes to get the full use of the unit.

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Final Thoughts

The Noritz brand is not new to providing quality natural gas tankless water heaters. Their highly efficient, compact Noritz NRC661 saves on your energy bill. It can discreetly go to many places in the home and provide an endless supply of hot water. The upfront cost for this Noritz is moderately priced against the competition and it is a durable unit. With the fact that tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years and this particular model is low maintenance, the savings over the years with this equipment will definitely be something to take note.

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