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Rheem RTG-84XLN Review – (Low NOx Outdoor / Natural Gas)


Rheem-RTG-84XLN-Outdoor-Tankless-Natural-Gas-Water-HeaterHot water similar to air heater is the highest in demand in most households. This, therefore, explains the variety and different sizes and kinds of water heaters that are dominant in the market today. It is without a doubt that consumers are currently looking for products that offer convenience, affordability and efficiency values.

Rheem RTG-84XLN mid-efficiency natural gas tankless water heater is one of the unique products that provide these values and more. The 54-pound mid-efficiency low NOx model can address all hot water needs for small and large families servicing 3 to 5 bathrooms each day which suites those living in colder regions. This article offers an in-depth description of the products alongside its pros and cons.

Features and Pros

  • Water and energy saving

    The product has been developed using smart technology helps in regulating the use of energy and water flow. For the type of users who are interested in nothing but luxury but additionally cautious about bills and wastes then it is a good thing to know that this product values the need of water preservation and cost-saving.

    The product has some unique water-saving settings that permit adequate savings of up to 1,100 water gallons annually. This is achieved based on its general ability to reduce water outflow through the set pipes as water has to arrive at the heater first and be heated in minimization. This feature allows it to be highly effective in reducing wastes thus saving more water, energy, and money.

  • High compatibility with low flow fittings

    Most of us have encountered problems with water heaters after they generally failed to start or even take a longer time to process due to low fixtures. This problem will be in the past once you change your water heater and replace it with Rheem.

    The company states that the product was developed with the users in mind meaning that the situation of any given consumer is highly considered. Thus, the low processing or inability to start water heaters effectively will be forgotten with the use of this model. In that, the product has minimal water flow levels of about 0.26 gallons for every minute, and the activation of water flow is rather low at 0.40GPM. This means that even if you are using the product in a place that has minimum water flow, then there will be no deprivation of hot water supply. This, therefore, makes the product as ideal with regard to its high compatibility abilities.

  • High efficiency

    Rheem is also quick to recommend that you check your pipe sizes before you make a purchase or alternatively you can get new ones. In this, the Rheem RTG-84XLN Low-NOx is able to consume 180000 Btus. The water heater has the capability to produce 8.4 gallons per minute at 35A° increase. However, at 45A° the product is capable of producing 6.6 gallons per minute. Since the product is a natural gas water heater, it can be regarded as energy-efficient, thus customers are able to save on gas bills.

    The product is ideally suited for a middle-large family home that has 2-3 bathrooms (up to incoming water temperature, you can check from the table nearby). It has a great capacity to supply water to more than one faucet without a drop in the water temperature.

  • Compact Design

    Additionally, it is worth noting that this product has dimensions of 14x10x26 hence it saves lots of space. This outdoor water heater has a compact and modern design which has a modest look on the facade. You can also get the optional Cosmetic Pipe Cover (RTG20217XG model for this series) or an Outdoor Recess Box (RTG20218 model for this series) for providing and protecting the tankless water heater from tampering and weather.

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Rheem RTG 84XLN incoming temperature gpm and usage table
Also included is a Next Generation Burner which enables this unit function independently as well as with other Rheem units. There is also a 12-year warranty that Rheem has included. However, 5years are on parts while 1 year is for labor. Finally, the digital meter display will allow you to increase the temperature up to 2-degree increments, which is rather unique. It shows that this product has numerous pros and will make life easier on your end. It is also friendly to the environment making it an ideal choice.


Though the product has numerous advantages, it is important to note that it has some few cons which however has solutions, thus making the product more reliable.

  • Hard to maintain

    Due to the fact that these tankless units are stored with minerals inside, they do not last for long.
    Solution: this problem is encountered by all outdoor water heaters. However, to maintain the longevity, the Rheem tank is to have a valve kit along with a pressure relief valve. These shutoff valves will assist in complying with the code. Letting the owner isolate the product from the system quickly whenever there is a repair or maintenance issue. The valves also aid in adding service ports which are used to flush the heater with vinegar. Additionally, the service ports are mostly used to take out mineral which may be put in storage in the heat exchanger.

  • Freezing

    Rheem-RTG-84XLN-outdoor-mid-efficiency-natural-gas-tankless-water-heater-reviewCustomers are likely to face problems with the product as it is an outdoor model that has to be protected from harsh weather situations. In Canada or the North America States, think twice as the pipes may get frozen at times. This may eventually end up with breaking pipes.

    this product is actually less vulnerable to cold meteorological conditions as it contains freezing protection of about 30°F. There are a pipe cover and recess box you can purchase to protect the product from other objects. Such as the Rheem grey pipe which is used to protect the product’s pipes.

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Certainly, Rheem RTG-84XLN tankless gas water heater is the most reliable and most convenient product in the market. It is vulnerable to harsh weather as well as hard water conditions. Therefore the product has the capability to meet a considerable extent of demand. It is safe and a better choice to select this highly-ranked natural gas tankless water heater for a long time constant hot water supply.

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