Rinnai V65EP Review – (Outdoor Low NOx / Propane)

Thinking of buying the Rinnai V65EP 6.5 GPM tankless propane water heater for your home? We have all the information you need to help you make the best possible choice- just keep reading.

How do I know if the Rinnai V65EP 6.6 GPM tankless propane water heater is the right size for me?

Tankless water heaters like the Rinnai V65EP can be an amazing addition to the home. But how do you know if this particular model is right for you?

Firstly, let’s take a closer look at the flow rating. The Rinnai V65EP is a 6.6 GPM tankless water heater. That may not mean much to you, but hang tight- we’ve got all the info you need. The key is the ‘6.6 GPM’ rating. This means the unit’s maximum performance is 6.6 gallons per minute. You don’t always want to be pushing that maximum rating. You may find yourself dissatisfied, so let’s dig in a little deeper.

Tankless water heaters are sized based on three critical factors. These are:

  • The temperature of the groundwater entering the heater
  • The temperature you want to get out of the heater
  • The ‘flow rate’ while in use- your taps, shower heads, and other items

The first two, taken together, help determine how much heating the heater does. The last marries that with how quickly you will be using it- a critical facet (and potential bottleneck) when you are using a tankless system.

Groundwater Temperature

While the exact specifics of the first two are going to depend on exactly where you live, groundwater isn’t typically particularly hot, with an average of 48 degrees F. Most people like taking toasty warm showers. So you’re probably going to want to raise that by at least 55 degrees, for an operating temperature in the low 100s. Many water heaters still advertise flow rates in the 4 GPM range- but high-use appliances and showers will challenge that. Luckily for you, the Rinnai V65EP offers a higher-than-average flow rate, giving you 6.6GPM when working at max.

If you live in an area with lower-than-average groundwater temperatures, that maximum flow rate can be slightly decreased. However, we noted very positive reviews from cold-climate inhabitants (including Alaska) that suggest their Rinnai V65EP performed beyond their expectations. It’s unusual to run a tankless water heater as your main water heater. But this particular Rinnai model could easily handle a household with up to two and a half bathrooms. Also, it’s connectable in series for larger homes too.

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Why go tankless?

We’re all familiar with standard tank heaters for household water. Yet, you may not be aware of how inefficient they are. Because they store pre-heated water all the time, it’s inevitable (no matter how good the insulation) that you lose that stored heat. So they switch back on throughout the day, spending your money even when not being used. That’s up to 20% of your heating bill annually, just wasted!

The Rinnai V65EP offers a far more energy-friendly option, heating water only when you need it. The Rinnai itself is, in fact, an ENERGY STAR compliant water heater, the internationally accepted rating for low-energy appliances, and its energy factor of propane use is a tiny 0.82. You’d think heating your water as needed might lead to waste. But don’t worry- tankless water heaters only heat at the flow rate being used. So while a shower will draw a bit of energy, opening your hot water tap uses way less, balancing your expenditure nicely. The Rinnai V65EP activates at 0.4 GPM, needs only a tiny 0.26 GPM minimum, and provides a punchy 6.6 GPM for water-intense activities. This makes it a versatile primary unit, and adding units in series for larger homes is a simple endeavor.

Tell me more about the Rinnai V65EP outdoor tankless propane water heater

There are other amazing benefits to going gas tankless water heater with this system. While they require a little more up-front investment (the Rinnai retails for around $650, however, making it quite a steal), being able to hang the unit saves tons of floor space for smaller homes. The Rinnai V65EP is a compact unit, measuring only 13.9 x 8.8 x 23.6 inches, so it’s discreet and unobtrusive, and there are those enticing savings on your bill to consider- expect to see a drop around 15-25% on your current bill, as attested to by a range of the users we spoke with. We bet that initial outlay is looking tiny in comparison!

Remember that the Rinnai V65EP will need to be installed outdoors in a ventilated area as it’s a propane heater, but that’s very standard for tankless water heaters and a sensible safety measure for any gas system. You’ll be very glad to know this model is also certified for installation in mobile/manufactured homes, which many tankless systems are not.

Outstanding Features

There are a few more incredible features to this system that we (and users) love- it’s fully equipped with an advanced scale detection system for hard water areas, lessening the chances of unpleasant maintenance surprises over time, and it’s a low NOx emission system, fully compliant with legislation needing less than 14 ng/J (20ppm) emission levels. A simple vinegar flush periodically is recommended for hard water areas, with detailed instructions in the manual and minimal additional equipment required. You can also opt for a trusted scale inhibitor filter if you wish. The water heater has an automatic leak detection system so will shut off immediately in a crisis, minimizing costly water damage.

What else should I know about the Rinnai V65EP?

We did spot a few users complaining about the pre-set temperature system cap at 98-120 degrees F. This temperature lock is, in fact, part of its manufacturing specs to prevent tampering by accident or curious children. Don’t worry- a certified installer can reset the system for up to 140 degrees F. We count it a positive feature, not a drawback.

The system doesn’t ship with an installation kit, although the Rinnai MIVK-T-LW kit can be ordered separately. As always, we strongly advise leaving this installation to the professionals to ensure maximum safety and keep your warranty in top shape. You’re looking at a 10-year warranty (12 with an optional isolation valve kit) on the heat exchanger, 5 on other parts, and 1 on labor if properly installed, far from shabby.

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Wrap Up

Users report steady, reliable hot water, a convenient built-in digital temperature controller, quality construction and comprehensive error codes for self-diagnostics should you encounter any issues (unlikely if properly installed). We found users with this unit in 5 and even 10-year service with no signs of slowing down, and feel confident calling it a robust, attractive choice.

The Rinnai V65EP tankless propane water heater delivers superior performance in a super-compact package that lends itself to small and medium residential properties as well as smaller commercial enterprises. With the usual Rinnai high quality at a more-than-attractive price, we’re happy to recommend this unit to anyone looking for strength, reliability, and ease of use.

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