Rinnai V75EN Review – (Outdoor Low NOx / Natural Gas)


Rinnai-V75EN-7.5-GPM-Outdoor-Low-NOx-Tankless-Water-HeaterNumerous transformations are being experienced in different industries. The water heaters’ industry has not been left behind as it has been able to receive high-level innovations that have in turn redefined user experiences. In this, manufacturers have been able to come up with tankless water heaters that have numerous advantages over the traditional types. This is because, with the tankless water heater, you are able to save on lots of space and at the same time, you are able to get hot water on demand around your home or office.

Rinnai, a renowned manufacturer in this sector, has directed its innovative efforts towards its V75EN GPM outdoor Low NOx Tankless water heater. This device offers a combination of comfort and good performance. This article will dwell more into the features, pros, and cons of the V75EN water heater.

Features and Pros

  • Compact Design

    Rinnai ensured that this model has a sturdy design. This allows it to be inconspicuously mounted on the exteriors with ease. To facilitate this, this device measures 14 x 9 x 23 inches and weighs 58.5 pounds. These measurements are ideal to allow you to mount this device at any location around your home. To aid in monitoring the device, Rinnai was quick to include the remote monitoring and diagnostics feature. With this in the design, it becomes easy to locate issues within the device through the displayed diagnostic codes.

  • Good Performance

    This device form Rinnai ensures that reliability in terms of performance is not compromised. In this, it will heat your water on demand with approximated savings of up to 40%. You can expect a high energy efficiency level of between 82-90% when you use this tool. This particular model has a high energy factor of 0.82. Additionally, it delivers hot water at a constant temperature. Rinnai includes a circ-logic recirculation framework which in turn cycles an external pump. This further increases the efficiency of the water heater.

    The maximum BTU for the V75EN model is 180000 while the maximum flow rate has been capped at 5.3 GPM. This facilitates an efficient supply of hot water in your home or office. To streamline the performance further, Rinnai included their Control-R Wireless technology. This smart technology helps you get automatic maintenance alerts. To add to this uniqueness, you are given the liberty to choose a monitoring dealer. If the issue is minimal, it can be solved remotely. Therefore, the device is able to perform exemplary for the longest period.

  • Easy Installation and Flexibility in Use

    Rinnai has included a detailed manual that aids in the installation of the device. The flexibility of the device is reflected from the fact that it offers a direct vent sealed combustion. It will therefore not require any venting which saves on labor and energy. This tool has also been certified for use in mobile or manufactured homes which adds to its flexibility. To save on energy that conventional heaters wasted with their standing pilot light ignition, the manufacturer included an electric system. The tankless nature also ensures that you do not have to store large amounts of hot water. A 24-hour programmable digital controller also exists. Therefore, it gives you the liberty to schedule numerous operations to meet the varying usage patterns.

  • Safety

    Rinnai has included numerous safety features that facilitate the safety of both the user and the device. For instance, there was the inclusion of the of the leak detection feature which shuts off water to the device so that damage is not excessive. There is also an enhanced scale detection feature which reduces the long term damage to the device. A temperature lock, on the other hand, helps you avoid accidental fluctuation of the set temperature. Rinnai also ensured that the device has ultra-low NOx emissions which are environmentally-friendly. A thermal fuse and automatic frost protection features are also present.

    From the above, it is evident that the Rinnai V75EN 7.5 GPM is a device that has numerous features which contribute to its uniqueness. It is a great tool that will ensure that all your hot water needs are met efficiently. The numerous benefits are backed up by a 15-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger. The warranty is eight years on the replacement parts.

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  • Delay

    Some consumers have stated that there will be some occasional delays in getting hot water. However, this is largely contributed by the wrong placement of the device. Ensure that you mount this water heater at a strategic position in your home or office.

  • Expensive

    Others have stated that this device is quite expensive. However, considering that it is a tankless, gas device, its performance is worth all the praise. It is, therefore, an ideal one-time investment.

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The Rinnai V75EN is a quality device that assures you of good performance. The above shows this in a detailed manner. Consider it in your next purchase of a water heater.

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