Sio Green IR260 POU Review – (Point of Use / Electric Infrared)


Sio-Green-IR260-PointOfUse-Electric-Tankless-Water-HeaterWhen it comes to tankless water heaters, most consumers tend to be faced with the dilemma of choice considering there are many products in the water heating system sector.

It is important that you do a detailed analysis of the market and the available products as well as their efficiency in terms of power consumption and functionality. This will help you to come up with a product that is cost efficient, energy efficient and serves all your heating interests. The description fits the Sio Green Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater perfectly. This article will shed some light on Sio Green IR260 which is one of the finest tankless water heater units.


  • Flexible

    With this product, you will be able to get hot water at any time you want to wash your hands or dishes on demand. The manufacturer, Sio Green, has been able to include an instant infrared heating design which ensures that the water needed is heated instantly. This is backed up by the 110-volt heating component. The result is that resources such as time and money are greatly saved.

    In addition, the device comes with 4 power levels which enable the user to customize it according to their needs. The water flow regulator that is integrated into this product also ensures that the temperature can be adjusted accordingly.

  • Modern Technology

    Sio-Green-IR260-POU-diagramSio Green has invested its resources in this product with an aim of enhancing consumer satisfaction.
    In its design, this product makes use of metallic quartz heating elements that are non-corrodible. The selling point here is that this tankless water heater will heat the water without direct contact with the metallic elements. This ensures that the device escapes the common problem with heating systems which is the accumulation of scale and calcium. This saves the maintenance costs associated with lime-scale accumulation.

  • Refunds Offered

    The manufacturer promises a refund of up to 100% if you are not satisfied with your tankless water heater within a period of 30 days after acquiring the device. They are ready to offer a replacement or alternatively the entire amount you spent to purchase it. Sio Green does not engage consumers seeking a refund in lengthy processes which is very important and a great milestone ahead of their competitors.

  • Space Saving

    This device is only 20 inches in size. This makes it perfect to fit in literally all areas of your home. You are also granted the full control of the device as you are free to use it as a booster for your tanks at different places.
    Additionally, the Sio Green POU Electric Water Heater has a compact nature and will go perfectly with any set of décor.

  • Quick Installation:

    Due to its portable design, the installation process of this product is quick. The manufacturer has been generous enough to include a detailed manual which offers a comprehensive guideline on how to install the product.

As exhibited by the above features, this product has numerous advantages and will fit into your daily needs.

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  • Suitable for Low Flow Needs:

    Due to its unique feature of on-demand heating of water, this product is suitable for low flow requirements of hot water.
    However, for most activities at home, the water will be just enough. It has an advantage over traditional electric heaters in the sense that it is resistant to limescale build up. It makes the heating process efficient and hence your needs are met fully. The infrared component in this product ensures that it’s always fast.

  • Installation Costs:

    For those lacking the DIY skills on heating systems, the installation process could be a little bit challenging. This might lead to incurring of extra costs to the consumers.
    However, this challenge could be easily dealt with through vetting the licensed technicians and then settling on the most economical yet skillful one. This will help in saving possible repair and maintenance costs.

    Besides, a licensed technician will ensure that the warranty for this product does not become null. This way, the product remains eligible for refunds and replacements from the manufacturer.
    On the other hand, those that have few skills could be able to read the manual and assemble the different components personally. It not only saves time but also expenses that could have been experienced.

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From the above, it is clear that the Sio Green IR260 Point of Use Infrared Tankless Water Heater compares well with the traditional electric heaters and it offers even a better deal. It is able to heat water at the point of demand, is resistant to limescale calcium build-up and finally, it is multipurpose.

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