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Sio Green IR30 POU Review – (POU / Cost-Effective)

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Sio-Green-IR30-POU-Electric-Tankless-Water-HeaterThe need for smaller water heaters is being met more easily by several brands and is made easily accessible. Tankless water heaters are great options for energy saving and for quicker access to hot water. Going tankless with your water heater means that you will receive hot water quickly every time. Tankless water heaters can be more compact and can go in more places than the traditional water heater tanks. With so many options available, the Sio Green Electric Tankless Water Heater is a compact water heater that can be placed in many areas of your home.

Sio Green has created one of the highest-rated point of use water heaters that can be used in so many places within your home such as under your bathroom or kitchen sink. This 6.4 lbs water heater is a budget-friendly, space saver that works well for commercial and residential. It has a patented design that protects this tankless water heater from corrosion, lime scale, and algae.

While many tankless water heaters can be compact and can provide instant hot water, what Sio Green provides in their IR30-POU model is not found in other water heaters. Sio Green is an infrared tankless instant hot water heater. It has 110 volts that are used by this infrared heating design. With their infrared feature, this tankless water heater also has:

  • Four Power levels
  • Varying Temperature Adjustments
  • Advanced Heating Capabilities


  • Varying Temperature Adjustments

    Being able to easily adjust the temperature on your water heater is something that not possible in every water heater, tank or tankless. The Sio Green tankless water heater has four power levels. To adjust the temperature, this tankless water heater has a water flow regulator. The water heater can adjust from 5-amps all the way to 30-amps. Operating between 0.85 kW and 3.4kW, the four power levels can easily control your water and gives you an adequate range of temperatures.

    Sio Green has created a smart tankless water heater that can constantly monitor the temperature. The Thermocouple also serves as anti-scald protection for the unit. This allows the high heating capabilities to consistently supply hot water on demand. Sio Green tankless water heater does have safety precautions such as the high limit temperature safety cutoff. The LED temperature outlet is a clear display which leaves no confusion on your set temperature.

  • Advanced Heating Capabilities

    Sio Green is an infrared tankless hot water heater. The infrared heating design uses 110 volts to heat water without the use of metallic coils. With patent technology, the Sio Green tankless water heater has a quartz heating tube. The quartz tube injects heating BTUs to heat the water eliminating the need for the standard coils other tankless water heaters may use. There are several benefits to not having metallic coils within your water heater. Using quartz gives the water heater rapid thermal properties within the heating tubes. Quartz material is a recyclable material, able to last for years and minimizes bacteria within the water.

    The far-infrared energy is safe, adding to the environmentally friendly appeal of the water heater. This is possible with an additional coating to the outside of the water heater. With this going through this type of energy, it conditions hard water deposits. With metallic coils causing corrosion, algae, and limescale; the elimination of these coils just adds to the longevity of the tankless water heater.

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  • Connection Issues

    With more advanced water heaters, there are some adjustments you will have to make on your end. The Sio Green Tankless Water Heater does have technology that will require some more up to date wiring for it to connect properly and run continuous hot water. With careful reading of the instructions, this wiring issue should not pose too much of a concern. Other concerns with this tankless water heater would be that adjusting the temperature causes a low water flow. The design of the Sio Green tankless water heater has the supply valve that will limit the flow of water due to its opening and closing.

  • Temperature Control

    With this Sio Green tankless being 6.4 lbs., it does have its limitations with the heat of the water. The temperature limitations make this tankless water heater ideal for sinks and dishwashers. The Sio Green Tankless Water Heater is not ideal for supporting a large home and multiple sinks simultaneously. With the limitations of the temperature ranging from the lowest being 104 Fahrenheit to as hot as 131 Fahrenheit, using this to fun through a long pipe won’t provide the hottest water. While this tankless water heater doesn’t use metallic coils, this particular model will not go over 131 Fahrenheit. It’s understandable to want the water heater to go higher, however, the upside to this is that you can control your temperature which does help on a smaller scale.

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Wrap Up

The Sio Green Tankless Water heater is a cost-effective way to receive a constant flow of hot water. With this compact water heater, only 20” in length and 6.4 lbs., it gives the flexibility to place it in many different areas. From RVs to under bathroom sinks, the Sio Green Tankless Water Heater can be placed in several places. Since it is a more compact water heater, it can be for single sink use or as a booster with a larger tank. It would not be the most effective if you pair it with a long pipe since the temperature will only go as high as 131 degrees.

Knowing the shortcomings of the Sio Green Tankless Water Heater allows you to really appreciate it for its advanced technology and to better understand where it will work best. This tankless water heater is built to last for years to come. With its quartz heating tube, it has rapid thermal heating properties that do not have any metallic coils to cause any corrosion or limescale. The environmentally friendly tankless water heater is made with recyclable materials that require no venting. The space-saving design of the Sio Green Tankless Water heater is that it is compact enough that you can place it anywhere within your home.

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