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Sio Green SIO14 Review – (Infrared / Point of Use)

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Sio-Green-SIO14-Electric-Tankless-Water-HeaterWith so many people talking about energy saving, new ways and gadgets of reducing water wastage or the AC usage are developed every day. Some of these ways are the tankless water heaters. Which not only saves the environment but also helps in your bank account.

Now, talking of energy-saving water heaters, Sio Green SIO14 Infrared Tankless Electric Water Heater remains to be one of the top-rated tankless electric water heaters in the market. This is a perfect choice for a small family that can be fitted anywhere. It also gives hot water for household needs, like washing laundry, shower, and dishwashing.

Here is the breakdown of Sio Green SIO14 electric water heater:


As with any other great water heater, Sio Green SIO14 comes with some high-end features worth mentioning. Here are some benefits that you can find from this unit:

  • Reliability

    After you emptied the cold water from the pipes, SIO Green SIO14 provides hot water almost instantly. The unit offers the promised heating supply without the bulk storage inconveniences. Here is how it goes. Let’s say you have a house of four people. All who need to take a hot shower, do the laundry and dishes with warm water. With the unit, they can do it consecutively. This is great since you don’t have to wait for the water to get warm once it’s your turn.

    The hot water produced might not be enough to do everything simultaneously like in the tank storage heater. Its heating does not rely on reserved water to meet your demands.

  • Quality

    SIO green SIO14 comes with a high-quality component. One that makes them strong enough to withstand all the external and internal forces. It is made of nonmetallic corrosion resistance tubing that passes the threat into the water through the heat exchanger.

    The heating tubes are made of Quartz, a material with a reputation of rapid thermal properties. It can stay for many years without being affected. These tubes are also able to handle hard water. They do not allow the hard water deposit to build up.

    On top of Quartz material, SIO14 utilizes far infrared energy, a technology developed by NASA to heat the water and amplify the energy inside the tubes to give instant hot water on your demand.
    In short, the technology heats the water without direct contact with the water. This reduces the corrosion problems commonly found in conventional water heater tanks as a result of metal heating elements in the water heater tank.

  • Energy efficiency

    SIO14 consumes less energy compared to the conventional water heater and some other electric models. The heater eliminates the standby losses commonly found in traditional heaters which repeatedly reheat water rising the energy even higher when they do it.

    This Unit enables you to heat just enough water each time you need it. Therefore, you don’t have to undergo all the energy misuse of reheating the entire water when you just need enough to take a shower.
    Due to this cutting-edge technology and its efficiency, you can easily save up to 60% energy use per month which can save quite a lot since the model can last over 10 years.

  • Performance

    As you already know, electric water heater works by heating the cold water entering the unit and passing through the pipes. When you have set your output points, internal sensors detects the current water temp and estimates the required amount of heat required to heat the water to the required temperature which is then transferred to the taps.

    SIO14 follows the same process where it comes with Automation Modulating Technology. This utilizes the smart modulation technology to calculate the current temp and predict how much power it’s needed to heat the required amount and ensure the water temperature is as precise as it can be.

  • Design

    The water heater is way smaller than the bulky storage model. It comes in one size where the package dimension is 25.5 x1 6.8 x 9.4 inches, an idea size even for small storage, boosters or sinks.

    The design allows you to install it almost anywhere in the house as long as there is a supply of electricity.
    On top of that, the design is self-cleaning and maintenance-free so there are minimal bacteria and algae accumulation in the water. It also contributes greatly to your home décor as it delivers endless water on demand

  • Installation

    Another advantage of the SIO14 is that it doesn’t require too much effort to install. You just need a few accessories and tools to connect the gadget to electricity and fix it steadily on the wall. Also, if you are looking for unlimited water supply, you can install it in series, parallel and hybrid which delivers high water flow rate to fit your demand.

  • A wide range of outputs

    Another thing you’ll love about this unit is the four flow rates which include the 3.0, 2.8, 2.3 and 2.0 GMP. All this comes with different temperature whereby you get 30, 40, 50 and 60 degrees F respectively.

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Sio Green SIO14 Electric Tankless Water Heater Pros Cons

  • Not suitable for simultaneous uses

    When you open many outlets simultaneously, the water pressure and supply can go down drastically. However, if you are looking for a water heater to provide water for simultaneous use, you’ll certainly enjoy the SIO14. This unit works well for small households with 1-2 bathrooms and other low hot water consumption outlets.

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Sio green SIO14 is a great water heater that deserves every appreciation. From efficiency to design, rest assure that you’ll get everything you are looking for in an electric water heater and more. All the materials used in the system are long-lasting and don’t have some common problems like blocking form hard water or corrosion. Even better, the manufacturer guarantees your satisfaction! You get your money back 100% within the first 30 days of purchase if the model doesn’t work as they say.

All in all, the Sio green pou water heater is one of the most advanced models suitable for anyone who is looking for an upgrade or first-time water heater system.

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